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Rank Point System

Rank point is the grading system for A Levels students. Students are graded on their performance in their H1, H2, and/or H3 exams. These marks, in H1 and H2, carry a grade between A to U, with A being the highest and U being the lowest. Exam grades can be converted to rank points ranging from 0 to 90.

A student’s rank points are calculated by adding together the rank points the student has achieved for the following:

  • Best four content-based subjects (3 H2 + 1 H1)
  • H1 General Paper (GP)
  • H1 Project Work (PW)
  • H1 Mother Tongue Language (MTL)*
GradeScoresH1 Rank PointsH2 Rank Points
A70% and above1020
B60% to 69%8.7517.5
C55% to 59%7.515
D50% to 54%6.2512.5
E45% to 49% (passing grade)510
S40% to 44%2.55
U39% and below00

What about students with 4 H2 rather than 3 H2 and 1 H1?

Your rank points will be calculated with your 3 best H2 subjects, and your weakest H2 subject will be computed as an H1 subject. This means the rank points of the H2 subject would be halved (calculated as /10 instead of /20). The maximum rank points will still be 90 regardless.

Will H1 Mother Tongue be included in my rank point calculation?

H1 MTL may be included in the computation of rank points and in such an event, the rank points inclusive of the H1 MTL will be rebased from /100 to /90. Add the rank points of your 3 H2 subjects, H1 subject, as well as GP, PW, and your mother tongue subject (H1). Multiply the total by 0.9 to attain your rank points including mother tongue.

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